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Physicochemical data

Technological aspects of galenIQ™

The direct-compressible grades of galenIQ™ exhibit first-rate tableting properties due to their excellent compactability and high dilution potential. With a well-defined particle size distribution they provide outstanding flow and mixing properties, ensuring a high content uniformity even in low-dosage formulations. Tablets show a smooth surface and can easily be film-coated or pan-coated with galenIQ™ to make them easier to swallow or to protect the active ingredients from moisture or light.
Besides direct-compressible grades, further particle engineering is leading to a product range that is tailor-made for specific solid-dosage forms like pellets, capsule fillings, granules, pan coatings, high-boiled lozenges and low boilings.
Discover the new excipient galenIQ™ and learn more about its physico-chemical properties: